December Van Dyk Castro Office Update

Happy Holidays!

We just finished the Dentists' National Holiday, known to everyone else asHalloween. As a child, I remember hiding my candy under the bed and after brushing my teeth and getting kissed goodnight, I'd sneak a long-lasting piece from my stash and suck on it until I fell asleep. No wonder when I went to the dentist, it was never to find out if I had a cavity--it was to find out how many!

Holidays are a tough time on teeth and gums because the bacteria that does all the damage loves sweets. In fact, they love the sugars of potatoes and pasta and sweet potatoes also. The only defense is a good offense every single morning and night. Brushing with a SoniCare or OralB electric toothbrush for the 2-minute timer (if you don't have one, they make great Christmas gifts, even to yourself) and flossing using the 5-times rule is a sure way to keep the bacteria at bay. Waterpiks can help but they don't break the contact between the teeth where most cavities start. They, along with toothpicks and other tools, are good substitutes if you can't floss.

Our office wants to thank you all for the support you've given us in 2015. It is because of you that we work hard everyday to be the best dental office we can be. We hope you use this time at the end of the year to celebrate with friends and family. If they compliment your smile, let them know who helps you with it! Have a safe, fun holiday season and we look forward to seeing you again in the new year.


Dr. van Dyk, Dr. Castro, Ayako, Gina, Lily, Luz, Marlene, Starr and Wendy



A Big Reason to Celebrate

Next year will mark Dr. Castro's 5th anniversary with the practice. We are proud to announce that in the beginning of the new year, Dr. Castro will be an official partner of the practice. His partnership with Dr. van Dyk will help guarantee that our office be taking care of you and your family for another 40+ years. 

We also want you to know that Dr. van Dyk's schedule isn't changing--in fact, it's staying just as busy as ever, with him seeing patients at the office, as well as teaching at our dental school and all over the country on behalf of the American Dental Association.

We hope the next time you come into the office you'll join us in congratulating Dr. Castro for this big step in his career!



The Candy Survey - Results!

Last time we wrote, we had a survey to find out everyone's favorite candy. According to the results, ANYTHING CHOCOLATE ran away with the #1 spot, followed by Caramel Chews in 2nd place and Lollipops at 3rd. Thank you to the honest folks who participated in our survey!

Surprisingly, toothpaste, even when chocolate flavored, did not rank at all in the survey:



"Holiday" Did you know?

  • Remember the song "All I Want for Christmas is my Two Front Teeth?"
    • In 1944, Donald Gardner, a music teacher in New York, noticed that all the students in his second-grade class kept singing with a lisp! He realized it was because most of them were missing at least one of their two front teeth! Thus the inspiration to write the song.
  • Reindeer only have teeth on their bottom jaws--their upper is just a hard, bony plate that they use to help grind their food. Be careful the next time you offer them something hard and chewy to eat.
  • And speaking of reindeer, Rudolph had a best friend, Hermie the Elf, whose dream job was always to be a dentist!




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