March Van Dyk Castro Office Update

Dr. van Dyk & Dr. Castro's March Newsletter

Greetings from Dr. van Dyk: Now that Dr. Castro has taken over the helm of the dental practice, I get to sit back and enjoy taking care of patients as I have for the last 40 years, but now without the stress of also running a successful business. I hope to continue in this role for at least 10 years or as long as I can physically. For that reason I head to the gym practically every day, and force my lovely wife to join me on rigorous vacations. This summer we plan to walk from Kyoto, Japan, to Tokyo, about 126 miles over 11 days.

Meanwhile, I have just concluded a year of international lecturing (mainly on issues related to improving the quality of dentistry and the achievement of service excellence, two areas that we continually strive to improve on a daily basis) which ended up with me flying over 100,000 miles. United loves me. And I’ve just concluded my year as president of our dental school’s alumni association with a meeting for over 1,600 alumni in San Francisco. If I seem much more relaxed and comfortable this year, I’ve just explained why.

Dr. Castro and I along with our spectacular team continually try very hard to impress you with our thoughtfulness and quality and kindness as we provide a difficult and sometimes uncomfortable but necessary part of your overall health care. We appreciate your thanks by your willingness to brag about us to your fellow workers, family, and friends. Please continue to keep us busy with as many referrals as possible.  

Than you again,

Dr. William van Dyk


New website!

Our office is proud to announce the launch of our new, modern It has a lot of information about our team and the services we provide, and it's compatible for viewing on a mobile phone. Open it, and if you like it, share it with your friends or family who might need a dentist! Or, if you notice something wrong, please let us know immediately so we can improve it. 

We hope that you will use it as a resource to learn more about our services or to view cases we have done for other patients in the past.

The old website address,, will also direct you to our new website! 

Here's a preview:



What's New with the Team

  • Dr. van Dyk, in addition to all of his speaking engagements, will be volunteering at an event called "CDA Cares" in Ventura this April. He and hundreds of other dentists, hygienists, and assistants, will provide charity dental work for thousands of very needy, low-income individuals.
  • Dr. Castro recently spent a weekend in San Jose for the Rotary President-Elect Training Seminar (PETS). This 3-day long seminar trains incoming presidents on becoming effective leaders in their clubs. In July, Dr. Castro will start his term as president of the Rotary Club of San Pablo, and hopes to continue its long history of giving back to the community.
  • Ayako is going to New York in May and can't wait to have some an authentic New York pizza!
  • Gina and her husband Taylor just celebrated a Gender Reveal Party for their's a girl! They'll be expecting around July.
  • Lily and her family just got back from a fun trip to Mexico where she visited family and spent time on the beach, working on her tan.
  • Luz's boys are excelling athletically. Adrian just got promoted to Varsity baseball at St. Patrick's in Vallejo. Christian is now part of a travel basketball team--he might be the next Steph Curry.
  • Marlene is headed to Bodega Bay with a group of friends for some fun and relaxation. We'll all miss her while she's gone, but the front desk is in good hands with Lily.
  • Starr's son, Michael, will be a part of the Babe Ruth Baseball League this season. He's been an All-Star in the past and looks to continue his performance this year too.
  • Wendy, her husband Luis, and daughter Isabella, are all looking forward to a new baby that will join us in September!


"Moderation is Key" when it Comes to Teeth Whitening

Popular Science (12/31, Draxler) reports that teeth whitening "has become a...national obsession." Popular Science reports that the safety and effectiveness of whitening products "depends on the treatment--and your teeth," and that "genetics, hygiene, and past dental work can all play a part." Popular Sciencepoints out that "moderation is key," as "people have been known to become...obsessed with their whitening results." The article warns that extreme whitening "can wear down the enamel to dangerous levels," making teeth more sensitive and exposing dentin, "which could, ironically, make the teeth appear yellower."

Popular Science also says "don't get your teeth whitened at a mall kiosk, in a spa, or on a cruise ship," and that those who want their teeth whitened should check with a dentist first and report any adverse effects. The report also points out that the American Dental Association has a list of whitening toothpastes that have earned the 'ADA Seal of Acceptance' for safety and effectiveness." The ADA provides more information on teeth whitening at and provides considerations for patients and dentists.

At our office, we find that at-home whitening kits with custom-made whitening trays offer the most effective whitening with the least sensitivity. Please do not hesitate to call us at (510) 236-1662) if you'd like a free consultation to learn more about your options for improving the appearance of your smile.


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