September Van Dyk Castro Office Update

It's your favorite dentist again!

Thanks for being our patient. We start with you as a new patient, but soon after we consider you a friend. From then on we look forward to seeing you and we want only the best for you.

Of special concern in this iffy economy is our desire to put off expenses that aren't essential. In the dental field, that might be delaying the "regular cleaning and examination." After all, it's just a cleaning!

Nothing could be further from the truth. The simple cleaning and examination is our primary method of keeping dental costs down. Expensive treatments like root canals, bridges, implants, and dentures are the result of allowing simple small problems to become large complicated problems. A curse in dentistry is the fact that few dental diseases, cavities or periodontal disease, have any pain until they are severe. Small cavities and gingivitis are totally painless. It's not until the cavity is very nearthe nerve or the bone loss from gum disease has caused the teeth to become loose that the patient feels anything. So figuring you can put off dental care until something hurts is guaranteeing a large bill. Catching things during regular cleanings and exams helps to keep dental care minimal and less expensive.

In addition, although gum disease has not been definitively proven to be a cause of heart or diabetic problems, it has shown to contribute to the problem. The same bacteria that the body fights in the arteries around the heart are causing gum disease in the mouth. The same is true for diabetes. We are trying to eat better and get more exercise to prevent diabetes and heart disease. It only makes sense to lower the amount of bacteria in the system by keeping your teeth clean and your gums healthy through regular cleanings.

On a lighter and sadder note, our hygienist of thirty years, Kristin Gaylord, retired. We had a nice dinner at Spenger's in Berkeley and gave her the famous gold watch; but we will miss her a lot. And her patients, many of almost 30 years, are having to adapt to one of our excellent hygienists. Luckily Wendy and Ayako have years of experience, are well-respected by the doctors and by their peers. Their patients love them so the transition has been very positive.

Dr. Castro is becoming a permanent fixture in the office. He's joined as an associate dentist and has been working closely with me. I personally hope to practice at least ten more years if you all will let me and if I continue to provide excellent quality care. But Dr. Castro brings youth and continuity to the practice and allows me to continue to teach and lecture along with practice. By the way, he just finished a second crown in my mouth! He can use your referrals of family and friends. And I promise he will give them excellent care.

Dr. Bill van Dyk

Notes from the Team

Dr. Castro: I am engaged to a wonderful nurse, Lindsey. She works at DMC across the street. We are planning our wedding for next year. I also do comic strips on the Internet and they're pretty popular. I'll be going to several conventions this year to meet some fans!

Marlene: I am still here working the front desk and enjoying our patients. Just went to Cancun for a vacation and will travel more this year. I've also taken up golf! I try to play whenever I can.

Wendy: We have been working on the backyard building a patio cover. I'm enjoying spending time with my husband and two dogs.I am a Giants fan and enjoy going to the games!

Ayako: I am trained in Jin Shin Jyutsu and see clients in my spare time. I am still traveling to Hawaii and many other places this year.

Lily: My boys are in soccer this year and are loving it. I enjoy spending time at the park with my husband and boys on the weekends.